Finding Your Purpose

Listen to Your Inner Voice

logo188.jpgStarting at birth, we begin to absorb the thoughts and feelings of the people around us. Experts believe that, by the age of seven, most of us have formed a complete set of beliefs about the world. How many of those beliefs limit our ability to follow our life purpose?

The conscious mind loves to chatter and often overwhelms our inner voice. How can we learn to be still and listen to the important messages our inner voice offers? Think about these questions to help you reveal your inner voice.

What beliefs did you learn as a child?

List the beliefs you remember hearing while growing up. Decide whether these beliefs are helping you along or hindering your path. If they hinder you, you can do some work, such as using positive affirmations, to clear those beliefs.

What and whom do you admire?

The people you admire and the jobs you would like to have are great indicators of what you really want. Make a list of the people you admire as well as their good qualities. List the jobs you like and what you like about them. These are clues as to the qualities you want and need to develop within yourself.

How’s your health?

Your body reflects your thoughts. When we live in alignment with our inner desires, we tend to experience good overall health. When there is a conflict between our desires and what we are doing, health imbalances may result. If your health is less than you desire, examine your thoughts. Are they what you want? Do you respond to your inner desires? If not, make changes to experience permanent relief from physical symptoms.

How’s your self-esteem?

If you don’t value yourself, you may ignore your desires for reasons you invent. Learn to love yourself enough to take the steps to do what you love. For example, do something you enjoy. Express gratitude or pamper yourself with a massage.

How responsible are you?

Many of us are great at responding to the needs of others and our outer selves. What about the more subtle needs of the inner self? Do you ignore them? The soul needs to fulfill its purpose. Learn to listen and respond to your inner needs.

Does money control you?

How can we learn to change our attitude about money? People often say that if they did what they love they wouldn’t make enough money. Do you make choices based on money or based on what you want to do with your life? When you pursue your life purpose, money always follows.

Do others know what’s best for you?

What do your friends, family, and the job market tell you do to? When you follow their advice, do you give up the power to make your own decisions? Apply the six intuitive sciences of the Life Purpose Method to get in touch with what you are meant to do.

What did you enjoy as a child?

As children, we are often more in tune with our mission. Think about the games you played and the activities you enjoyed to see what your soul came here to do. Have you ever worked at an unsatisfying job too long? As adults, we may choose to do things we don’t want to do.

How well do you understand your influences?

You are influenced by many factors, including the planets, your name, your birth date, and the patterns in your hands and eyes. If you are unclear about these influences, you may feel confused about many aspects of your life.

Are you passionate about life?

If you aren’t excited about each day, you are not aligned with your life purpose. When we do what we love, each day is a new opportunity to show off our gifts and talents. Happiness results when we follow our life purpose.