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Focus on Your Career

Turn your attention to what you want in a job and you’ll open new possibilities.

Would you prefer a job that meets your highest expectations? Turn your attention to what you want in a job rather than searching solely for a job title and you’ll open new possibilities.

Astrology: The Four Elements

Astrology and palmistry use four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. Refer to your astrological chart and your hand analysis for your elemental makeup.

4 astrological elementsFire — With a majority of fire elements, you would thrive in a people-oriented job that offers leadership opportunities as well as a lot of change and activity. This element deals with vision, so seek a career through which you can make a change in the world.

Earth — Job security and opportunities to be creative are important to those with predominant earth elements. Seek a job that will keep you busy and productive. Work in nature or create things that increase efficiency.

Air — A majority of air elements requires that your job keep you mentally stimulated. Seek a job that incorporates writing and speaking, one that provides a means to put your ideas across to the world.

Water — Those high in the water element would do well when there are clear direction and goals, in an atmosphere of mental, physical and emotional nurturing. Contact with people and animals is stimulating. Seek a job focused on serving the world.

Iris Analysis: The Four Iris TypesThe Four Iris Types

Iris analysis may help you identify qualities to seek in your occupation. Your irises feature four types: flower, stream, jewel, and shaker.

Flower — Look for a job that allows you to express yourself, deal with people and offer the freedom to create.

Jewel — Seek a position of leadership and authority. The corporate world may suit you well.

Shaker — Use your entrepreneurial skills to explore cutting-edge technology and unconventional ideas. Avoid jobs that make you feel constricted.

Stream — Choose professions that are stable and supportive. Focus on healing, ethics, the environment and teamwork. Without these qualities, you may withdraw and diminish your natural sensitivity.