Birth Order Analysis

Birth Order Analysis

It’s Daddy’s Fault!

boy and girlAre you your father’s second son? Third daughter?

We display certain traits based on gender and birth order. Birth order is determined by the father, not the mother. To determine your birth order, write down the list of children born to your father, and indicate where you are in the sequence.

Note that a child that survives 16 weeks of gestation is part of the birth order sequence even if it is not brought to term.

A father’s first six boys and first six girls conform to a pattern in their approach to life. The pattern begins again with child No. 7, who assumes the qualities of a firstborn child. Child No. 8 would assume the qualities of a No. 2 child, and so on.

Birth Order Analysis

A birth order analysis* will show your gifts and talents as well as your potential for genius.

Currently birth order analysis is only available to students enrolled in the Discover Your Life Purpose course level I and II, or the Spiritual Relationships class. In person family and birth order consultations are available upon request.



Birth Order Analysis — An Example

Here’s an example of an analysis showing birth order and characteristics for a firstborn girl.

From a young age, you willingly took on a lot of responsibility. You most likely enjoyed helping your mother around the house and cooking. You had two younger siblings you cared for while your mother worked, so you grew up quickly and weren’t able to enjoy your childhood.

Your decision to have three children at an early age is linked to your firstborn characteristics: The firstborn girl wants to be in charge and maternal. You’re comfortable at home with domestic duties and caring for your children.

Now, at age 40, you feel rebellious. After many years of domesticity, coupled with being too serious during your childhood, you feel like breaking free. You were the one to heal the entire family. You may have felt burdened with this responsibility and not known how to express it.

Call on your gifts of strength, practicality, and teaching ability to get you through this period. Your challenge is to be responsible and playful at the same time.

* Rayid Model® material (iris analysis and birth order) included with permission from Denny Johnson, originator of the Rayid Model.