Finding Your Purpose, Iris Analysis

Iris Analysis

Like fingerprints, each iris has a unique pattern.* These iris patterns reveal how we experience life and express ourselves as well as our personality traits, gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and fears.

They also reveal the lessons we need to fulfill our life purpose. Unaware of such influences, we let our unconscious habits and limitations control us.

Knowing our strengths helps us choose paths where those strengths can shine. Awareness of weaknesses may help us focus on strengthening these areas.

Iris analysis takes us to the origin of many behaviors. Traits in the left eye derive from the mother’s side of the family; traits in the right eye from the father’s side.

To become whole, we must assimilate the qualities of all the iris patterns. Balance is achieved when we learn to express life through all four modalities: emotional, mental, kinesthetic, and extremist.

Iris Analysis

Your iris analysis will include:

How you experience life and express yourself

Your personality traits, gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and fears

Lessons you need to fulfill your life purpose

Whether you have right- or left-brain dominance

Whether you tend to be more introverted or extroverted

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Iris Analysis: The Four Iris TypesThe Four Iris Types

Iris analysis may help you identify qualities to seek in your occupation. Your irises feature four types: flower, stream, jewel, and shaker.

Flower — Look for a job that allows you to express yourself, deal with people and offer the freedom to create.

Jewel — Seek a position of leadership and authority. The corporate world may suit you well.

Shaker — Use your entrepreneurial skills to explore cutting-edge technology and unconventional ideas. Avoid jobs that make you feel constricted.

Stream — Choose professions that are stable and supportive. Focus on healing, ethics, the environment and teamwork. Without these qualities, you may withdraw and diminish your natural sensitivity.

You may also order a personal supplemental 45-minute phone or Skype conversation with Kathryn Andries. Kathryn will answer your questions and offer guidance based on the results of your reading.

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* Rayid Model® material (iris analysis and birth order) included with permission from Denny Johnson, originator of the Rayid Model.

** Note: The photos must be taken with an iridology camera and must be crisp and clear. To find someone in your area with an iridology camera, you may do an Internet search for “iridologists” or other holistic healing practice. (Iridologists offer readings that address health issues. We offer readings that address the eyes and personality.)