Finding Your Purpose, Palmistry


Palmists focus on several elements when reading hands. Shape, color, texture and lines of reveal strengths, weaknesses and karmic lessons. Like astrology and numerology, the lines on your hand show predominant personality traits as well as your potential.

Let’s Hold Hands

palm readingTo see overall personality, a palmistry reading should include an examination of:

Palm shape: disposition, mannerisms, temperament—our basic nature

Finger shape and length: how we take action

Fingerprints: past life challenges and life purpose

Mounts (fleshy pads at the base of each finger). Each mount relates to the activities associated with a planet.

Life line: how we want to live life; our sexuality, sensuality and relationships

Heart line: how we express emotions

Head line: mental faculties

Saturn line: security and foundations

Mercury line: communication and our feelings of independence

To see more specific characteristics, palmists examine:

Skin color: health aspects of circulation and diet; general level of enthusiasm

Muscle tone: energy level

Skin texture: taste and style

Flexibility: mental flexibility

Palm Reading

Palmistry readings are available only in person, so drop us a line at and we’ll let you know when there will be a class in your area.

Give Yourself a Hand

Palmistry is divided into two areas: chiromancy and cheirology.

Chiromancy is the study of the lines on the palm.

Cheirology is the study of hand structure.

If your palm is square, you’re a practical person who needs stability. You’re talented at working with your hands and are very determined.

If your palm is rectangular, you’re sensitive and intuitive. You respond to life from an emotional perspective.