Title: Secret Codes of Your Life Purpose

The clues to our purpose are revealed in the choices we made before birth; our family and birth sequence, the patterns in our eyes and hands, our birth date, and name. Full of unconventional ideas, thought-provoking questions and engaging activities, this talk will propel everyone, regardless of age or religion, to examine their life purpose in a new light. 

Some Key Points to This Talk

  1. What is a life purpose?
  2. What are the codes?
  3. The story in your eyes and hands 
  4. The significance of your name 
  5. What do lessons have to do with my purpose?
  6. How Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Lady Di, and Gandhi aligned with their purpose to attain success

Title: Relationship Mastery: How to Get Along with Anyone 

Everyone is a mirror for us and once we learn the keys to understanding why people push our buttons, we can master any relationship. 

Some Key Points To This Talk

1. Great communication begins with ourselves

2. Why other people push our buttons

3. How to understand and turn off reactionary triggers

4. What goes on in the mind of a liar

5. How to really see ourselves in the mirror 

6. Harness the power of visualization to attract the relationships we want

7. The road from ordinary to extraordinary relationships!

Title: Beyond Time Management

When we unlock the mystery of the paradox of time we can use it to fulfill our desires.  Participants will be amazed how their life can change with proper pacing. We will learn tools to understand the unfoldment of our lives and take advantage of significant advantageous cycles. 

Some Key Points to This Talk

  1. The pitfalls of rushing
  2. Timing your visualizations
  3. Why aren’t I getting my stuff?!
  4. Preparation is the key to success!
  5. Understanding time cycles with astrology and numerology
  6. Our unique unfoldment process
  7. Flow versus force

Title: 6 Paths to Relationship Compatibility

Have you ever wondered why you feel different depending upon the people you are with? This phenomenon can be explained by examining the interplay between our various influences, such as planets, numbers, iris and hand patterns. The success of a relationship can be improved by understanding how two people’s influences interact with each other. 

Some Key Points to This Talk

  1. A new way to determine compatibility
  2. The “chart”versus the person 
  3. An overview of 6 intuitive paths 
  4. Accepting versus changing another person 
  5. A fascinating look at the charts of famous couples and the secrets behind their success or failure
  6. Understanding others based on their birth order
  7. Getting to the root of disagreements and strategies to solving them 

Title: Win the Career Game

Discover how to find a job that allows you to use your gifts and talents.  Learn to make wining career moves by knowing yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. Simple shifts in your career strategy can make the difference between success and failure. Learn 3 skills that will help you find satisfaction in your career.  I recommend this talk for career planning and placement programs, college freshmen and seniors.

Some Key Points to This Talk

  1. Turn weaknesses into strengths
  2. Connect your character strengths with the right career
  3. Learn techniques to manifest your dream job
  4. Avoid the pitfalls that will land you in the wrong career
  5. The importance of knowing yourself
  6. The value of taking small steps to reach your big goals




“Kathryn Andries was a presenter at Southern Illinois University during a student fair. Ms. Andries taught the powerful message that the key to success is self-awareness. The students learned a great deal about themselves which will help them become more successful in college and beyond. Excellent presentation! Your talk was stimulating and thought provoking. You did an excellent job of engaging the audience with activities and questions. I would highly recommend you to as many colleges as possible.”

~Rachel LaRussa, Southern Illinois University

“Kathryn Andries has been a speaker at our retirement home for the past two years. Her talks have been so successful, we have booked her for more presentations for next year. Kathryn is an experienced, charismatic, knowledgeable, and articulate professional speaker. Her presentations are stimulating and thought provoking. She engages the audience with questions and activities so that the hour lecture is a fun and enjoyable event. She continues to draw a crowd whenever she comes to speak. She is personable and has stayed after many lectures to talk with the participants and answer their questions. I would highly recommend Kathryn as a professional speaker. Her topics are unique and educational.”

~Marilyn, Activity Director, Lexington Square

Some Past Speaking Engagements

Books in Bloom, Eureka Springs, AR
Southern Illinois University
Transformation Conference, Eureka Springs and Springdale, AR
Hartman Elementary, Kansas City
Attucks Elementary, Kansas City
Relax 4 Life, IL
Universal Lightworkers Conference, Boca Raton, FL
Infinity Center, IL
Kiwanis Club, MI
Unity Church, TX, KS
Peace of Mind Bookstore, OK
Paradise Found, CA
​Vision Quest, AZ
Out of the Ordinary, Into the Extraordinary, MI
​Barnes & Noble, MI, HI, TX, KS, MO, AR, IA


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