Work with Kathryn

Private sessions with Kathryn are designed to help you get to the root cause of any challenge so that it can be understood and overcome. The tools I use allow me to see beyond the conscious mind and into the subconscious where change and transformation take place.

Many of our problems began before this lifetime, so I rely upon intuitive sciences that allow me to see your past and understand your present situation. Then I can effectively help you create an amazing future.

Since each person is unique, I carefully choose the appropriate methods to help you transform. Some of these may include numerology, astrology, dream interpretation, Akashic past life readings, and family work. Learn more about each method here.


  • Increased self-esteem
  • Greater career & relationship satisfaction
  • Decreased anxiety & more peace
  • Greater freedom to express yourself
  • Clarity on your life purpose
  • Greater self-awareness

Clarity sessions are 60 minutes and will be held in person, over zoom, or on the phone. Sessions are recorded, and will include exercises and activities as needed.

3 sessions $450 – BOOK

6 sessions $750 – BOOK

9 sessions $990


Not sure if Clarity sessions are right for you? Book a free consult.