Relationship Coaching

Relationships play a big part in our life purpose for 2 reasons. 

  1.  Relationships trigger our lessons.
  2.  Relationships offer us an avenue to share our gifts and talents.

Relationship coaching can help if you are struggling with family, friends, a spouse, difficult co-workers or superiors. Relationship coaching is also  helpful If you are seeking a compatible partner, or not sure if you are ready to commit to someone. Wherever you are at in your relationship journey, the methods below can give you the answers you seek.


This reading includes the elements of a past life reading as well as a description of a lifetime shared by two people, revealing why the partners were brought together again in a subsequent life. The reading emphasizes what the partners may learn from each other as well as the dynamics of their relationship. You may ask questions about the purpose of being together again, and how to best fulfill that purpose.

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This is a specialized reading that compares the charts of two people in several ways. Each chart is first interpreted individually to understand the basic of each person and how the two people are similar and different. Next we look at how the planets on each chart affect the other, and the dynamics that are created when the planets interact. Lastly we examine the composite chart which reveals the purpose of the two people and how they can best fulfill their destiny.

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A comparison of your numerology chart and another’s chart will reveal how your goals and desires blend together. This reading will look at all areas of your life, including communication styles, personality, hidden passions, life path, lessons and challenges. I use synastry techniques to see the purpose the two people have together.

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Electional Wedding Date: This service uses astrology to help you choose the best date for a wedding ceremony. The couple will receive a chart with written material about the astrological significance of their special day.

Book:  Soul Choices: Six Paths to Fulfilling Relationships: This book offers an in-depth look at the different types of relationships and the roles we play, how to identify and release toxic people, tips on effective communication strategies and finding a soul mate, and how each of the 6 paths influence us in our relationships.

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