Relationships play a big part in our life purpose for 2 reasons. 

  1.  Relationships trigger our lessons.
  2.  Relationships offer us an avenue to share our gifts and talents.


Keys to Fulfilling Relationships Masterclass

Soul Choices: 6 Paths to Fulfilling Relationships (book)

2 x 60 minute Relationship Coaching sessions

Keys to Fulfilling Relationships Masterclass Syllabus 

1 – Relationship Choices and Laws 

2 – Balancing the Feminine and Masculine 

3 – Law of Attraction 

4 – Relationship Types 

5 – Communication 

6 – Toxic Relationships 

7 – Conflict Resolution 

8 – Healing: from Anger to Forgiveness 

9 – Relationship Bliss: Out of the Ordinary and into the Extraordinary

Relationship coaching can help if you are struggling with family, friends, a spouse, difficult co-workers or superiors. Relationship coaching is also  helpful If you are seeking a compatible partner, or not sure if you are ready to commit to someone. Wherever you are at in your relationship journey, the methods below can give you the answers you seek.

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