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Help your church respond to the growing need for a deeper sense of purpose and direction

One of the main reasons people seek out New Thought churches such as Unity and Science of Mind, is to expand their mind beyond the ordinary. The Discover Your Life Purpose course aligns perfectly with the belief that we are the creators of our destiny. In order to create the life of our dreams, we must understand ourselves, and the Discover Your Life Purpose course helps us do exactly that.

Host the Discover Your Life Purpose Class at your Church

Anyone can lead a Discover Your Life Purpose class. There are 4 simple steps:

1)Find a meeting place (your church space is the ideal location)

2) Order course materials (workbook, 210 pages)

3) Set your class dates (9 week course, 90 minutes each session. We have found a high success rate scheduling the class to follow the regular weekly service)

4) Invite church members, friends and the outside community

You will help your congregation grow in self-awareness with this life changing journey.


It’s no secret, many churches are experiencing a decline in their congregations. The Discover Your Life Purpose program can breath light into your New Thought church by offering a unique transformational process designed specifically to guide people to their life purpose. Members are excited to learn about themselves and afterward are usually motivated to find avenues to share those talents. A church is an ideal environment for people to showcase their newly discovered gifts and talents. 

Contact our team se we can create a tailored plan for your church to begin a Life Changing Journey!