Study Opportunity

Do you love learning? Do you have an open, curious mind that wants to explore your purpose in depth? I have created a Life Purpose Program that includes 4 paths. The mission of this program is to bring full awareness of your talents, lessons, karmic issues, and potential. I have removed the struggle and confusion that many people experience by creating a path that will lead you to gaining clarity on the purpose of your life. When we get “stuck” in conflicts, dead end jobs, and bad relationships, they pull us away from our purpose. However, when we have self awareness, the journey to fulfilling our life purpose is joyful.

Interested in a career as a Life Purpose Coach? Upon completion of the 4 paths you are eligible for the Teacher training program. Once enrolled in any of the 4 paths, we can begin the conversation about a rewarding as a Life Purpose Coach.

The path involves 4 steps, each one building upon the next. Having worked with hundreds of women for more than 20 years, I know this system works. For the best results, it is recommended to do all 4 paths in the order described. However, you may choose just one or more paths in any order. I am here along the way to answer your questions and guide you.