Mind Mastery

Step 2: Mastering your Mind

Our life is the effect and the cause is everything going on in our mind. A huge part of mastering our life purpose involves understanding the deeper subconscious beliefs we hold and how to reprogram them. Our inner voice is our gateway to the answers we seek. It is the gentle nudge that leads us to where we need to go. The exercises included in the class are an essential part of moving along your life path.


Mind Mastery Class

Owners Manual for the Mind (book)

1x 60 minute coaching session


Mind Mastery Class Syllabus

1 – What is the subconscious mind

2 – Brainwaves

3 – How to access the Subconscious

4 – Affirmations

5 – Exercises to bridge the Conscious & Subconscious mind

6 – Reprogramming the subconscious mind

7 – Visualization