Self-Awareness Tools

Do you want to look beyond your physical self to see who you truly are?  I use various types of readings in my programs to help you see more of yourself and help you along the road to mastering your Life Purpose. 

Iris Analysis +  Astrology +
Past Lives + Numerology + Family Birth order + Palmistry = YOU!

These 6 tool, or intuitive sciences, can help you gain greater clarity about your path in life. 

Natal Astrology Reading: This will reveal your life purpose,  talents, and challenges. The position of the planets and zodiac signs will also reveal in-depth information about your career, relationships, family, finances, health, spiritual path, creativity, communication style, and your emotional nature. This reading is recommended if you aren’t sure of your life purpose and need more guidance.

Numerology Reading: This ancient system uses numbers to understand human nature. In this reading you will learn the vibration and nature of each number and what they reveal about your life purpose, talents, and goals as well as lessons and challenges.

Past Life Reading: This reading begins with a summary of the past life most relevant to the present one, usually a lifetime in which the requester held similar thoughts and attitudes. The reading includes information about the period, country, gender, and name of the requester. The reading will conclude with a look at the current life and what the parallels with the past life.

Spiritual Emotional Iridology: The eyes are the window to the soul, revealing our purpose, strengths, weaknesses, hemispheric dominance, communication style, and more! You must submit high quality photos of both eyes, or schedule for an in person reading.

Family Birth Order Reading: Your choice of family reveals a lot about your purpose, since you knew you would spend 18 + years with them. This in depth reading combines birth order and an analysis of your family.

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Iris Analysis

Family Birth Order

Past Lives


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