Group Classes

Experience the Power of Learning in a Group 

If you have a group interested in self-awareness, the Life Purpose Success Path  is a fun way to learn and grow with other like – minded people. With the benefit of others you can go deeper into your life purpose and help others see their blind spots.

This course is perfect for churches, corporations, spas, and women’s groups.

Your group can benefit in many ways:


Enhance self-awareness among members

Show members how they can share their unique talents with their church

Increase your congregation size with this unique course that may attract new members

Benefit financially from hosting this class

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Improved employee morale

Discover new employee talents

Great cooperation through Team building 

Women’s Groups:

Spend time together in a unique way 

Enjoy fun, eye opening activities

See your friends in a new light

Learn and be entertained at the same time!


Combine beauty with self-awareness

Help clients integrate the mind and body

Contact Kathryn to discuss the needs of your Group.  I look forward to helping your group grow, bond and prosper!