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Discover Your Life Purpose 

Unity Church of Overland Park, KS 

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Iris Analysis + Astrology + Birth Order + Numerology + Palmistry + Past Lives = YOU!
Are you contemplating a career or relationship change? Do you desire to live up to your potential?
Spend an enjoyable, enlightening time with Kathryn Andries, author of Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose, as she takes you on an incredible journey of personal discovery. Find out the best directions to go in your work and personal life based on the information you’ll gain from the 6 most powerful energetic influences in your life: Astrology, Numerology, Birth Order, Palmistry, Iris Analysis, and Past Lives. As Kathryn teaches you to weave together the information from each of these methods, the tapestry of your life begins to unfold and the possibility of making new choices emerges. Take the journey of your life and gain true insight into your life’s purpose.
The idea that we choose everything in our life, from our parents to our time of birth, is the key to understanding our life purpose. Every minute of every day you are being energetically influenced by your eyes, your hands, the planets, the numbers in your birth date, and all the experiences of your past lives. Understanding these energetic influences is the key to understanding your life mission. The Life Purpose Method will revolutionize the way you make choices in your life.


FUTURE PREDICTIONS Class- Feb. 26 and March 5, 6-8 pm Unity Church of Overland Park

Learn the best direction to take in your life for the year 2018. Using the tools of Astrology and Numerology, presenter Kathryn Andries will teach participants how to understand their planetary and numerological influences for the coming year. She will then teach participants how to apply this information to attain success in all areas of life, including relationships, career, health, spirituality, and more!

In this hands on workshop, we will explore how the planetary and numerological changes will affect the world globally, as well as individually. Participants will learn how to erect a numerological chart and calculate their numbers for success. Participants will also be guided on how to interpret their personalized astrology chart for the year.

The information you learn in this workshop will help you make the best choices for yourself in 2018. Awareness will give you the guidance you deserve! No prior knowledge of numerology or astrology is required.

Course Benefits:
1.Increase self-awareness. Each approach reveals more about your inner self.
2.Discover your gifts, talents, and karmic lessons. These are the components you will need to create and realize your desires and fulfill your life purpose.
3. Improve relationships with others. Take responsibility for your issues. Recognize and cooperate with others’ influences.
4. Move through lessons and challenges with confidence. Gain new insight into your inner conflicts. Learn how your influences affect your karma.
5. Achieve mental, emotional, and physical harmony. Get in tune with your energies.
6. Become the master of your life. Put your influences to work and reach your potential.

Past Life Relationship Class 

Are you playing out past life roles in your current relationships?

Are you  having communication difficulties?

Are you looking to attract someone new into your life?

This workshop is for anyone desiring to gain a deeper understanding of their relationships with friends, lovers, children, co-workers, or family members. We will explore the following topics:

Relationship types and the roles we play

Karmic bonds and the purpose of your relationships

Toxic relationship patterns and how to break free of them

Forgiveness and healing

Understanding why others provoke us and push our buttons, and how to use these triggers for greater self-awareness

How to take your relationship beyond the ordinary!

Participants will receive a past life relationship reading in the class. This reading will detail a past life between two people, and the significance to the present lifetime. Only one person needs to be present for the reading, however, prior consent from the other person is required to do the reading. This reading will give you valuable information about the nature of your relationship, and where to take it next. You’ll never look at anyone the same again!

Date/Time: Saturday, November 10, 10 am – 6 pm

Location: The Light Center, 1542 Woodson Road, Baldwin City, KS (phone 785-255-4583)