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September 5, 2018

Powerful Astrology in September 

Do you feel the wild energy this month? Read on to learn how you can take advantage of the planetary energies in September.


Uranus left Aries and entered the sign of Taurus on May 15th. This means a new focus on the Earth! Uranus can bring sudden and unexpected events. 

Uranus definitely brought a surprise event in August, when Monsanto lost the first major court case brought against it regarding their toxic herbicide RoundUp. The court found that glyphosate, the main ingredient in the weed killer, was responsible for the cancer contracted by a school worker who sprayed it on the school grounds every summer. It was hard to believe that this giant corporation was finally brought to justice after polluting the earth for so many years. Thank you Uranus for upsetting this unethical corporation. 

New Moon

Another big event that will help with cleansing both our bodies and the earth, is the New Moon in Virgo on September 9th. Since the New Moon is a good time to put forth intentions, and Virgos love purity, we can include things like doing a juice fast or other body cleanse. Virgo reminds us of the need to be of service to others, so we may find a way to share our talents to help another person. 

Earth and Water signs

There are 7 planets in Earth signs and 3 planets in Water signs this month. Mother nature is definitely showering us with water, as hurricanes are occurring throughout different parts of the world. The 7 planets in Earth signs may be linked to the revelation in the news that glyphosate, the main ingredient in RoundUp, was found in dozens of food products including cheerios, oatmeal, crackers, Doritos, and the list goes on. The Earth is tired and it’s shouting back. 

We can take advantage of the grand trine in Earth signs this month by visualizing our desires coming to fruition. Earth helps us ground ourselves and bring our ideas into reality. So take out those vision boards and let the work begin! The fact that Mercury and Mars are now direct will also help move the energy in all areas of our lives. 

Meanwhile, Uranus opposes Venus. This can bring unexpected romantic love. Boring relationships will get a kick in the butt from Uranus to spice things up, have some fun and get out of boring routines. It’s a good time to take a weekend getaway with your partner and have a new adventure. 

I will focus on predictions for Earth signs this month since they are highly charged with activity. 

Taurus Forecast astrological signs

September 6th, Mercury is posited in the 5th house, along with the Sun. This is a fun month for you! The 5th house reminds practical Taurus to have some adventure and get away from work to enjoy life. If you have children, find time to engage in some creative endeavors together. The 5th house also may stir you to start that business you have dreamed about. Entrepreneurs already in business may find a new product or strategy to increase their sales. The New Moon on September 9th will be in your 5th house as well. Use the Moon energy to set intentions for yourself. 

September 10th brings Venus moving into your 7th house of partnership and marriage. This is a good time to forge deeper relationships with those special people in your life. 

Mars moves into your 10th house of career on the 11th. Taureans love to be productive, so this Mars energy will ignite you even more. Be careful not to overdo it, while still gaining an advantage over your competitors.  

The month closes with the full Moon in your 12th house, pulling you inward. You would be wise to explore your inner realms by meditating, interpreting your dreams, and making time for quiet reflection time. 

Virgo Forecast

Your ruler Mercury is posited in the first house, alongside the Sun. Service oriented Virgos would do well to spend some time on themselves for a change, and indulge in some self-development. The New Moon on the 9th also takes place the 1st house, signaling a new beginning. Think about what you really in life, and set those intentions! 

The planet Venus in your second house of money may entice practical Virgos to actually be frivolous with your money. It can also signal good financial prospects for you. On September 10th Venus moves into the 3rd house, next to Jupiter, putting the emphasis on all forms of communication. Since communication is second nature to you Virgos,  thanks to your ruler Mercury, this is a good time to begin or finish writing a book, or simply speak out! 

Work oriented Virgos will enjoy Mars moving through your 6th house of work and service. This is an opportunity to get in some extra exercise, and do some volunteer work. Just don’t overwork yourself! 

September 22nd the Sun moves into the balancing sign of Libra in your second house. This is a good time to balance your checkbook, and focus on ways to work smarter, not harder. Libra reminds us of the need for balance in all areas of life, and for you Virgo, that especially means in your work life. 

Opposite the 2nd house is the 8th house, where the Full Moon will occur on the 24th. Now you can focus on joint finances, rather than just your own money matters. You may also be inclined to delve into some spiritual study. 

Capricorn Forecast

The 9th house of mind expansion, foreign travel and spiritual study is highlighted for you this month. The planet Mercury and the Sun are in your 9th house, along with the new Moon on the 9th. This signals a possible trip, interaction with foreigners, learning and teaching opportunities. 

September 10th Venus and Jupiter are in your 11th house, bringing into focus old and new friends, and a potential widening of your social groups. The idea of life purpose will be strong, and so it’s a good time to seek out like minded individuals and groups. 

Mars moves into your 2nd house on the 11th, prompting you to perhaps overspend, or take measures to earn more money. You worker bees of the zodiac knows how to be productive, so think about working harder, not smarter. 

On the 22nd of the month the Sun moves into the 10th house, bringing your career into focus. Work oriented Capricorns will enjoy the extra momentum in their career house, allowing them to gain more authority and possible advancement. 

The month closes out with the full Moon in the 4th house, opposing your Sun in the 10th. You will feel some tension until you balance the demands you face at work and home. A festering issue with a family member may come to a head with the full Moon. 


January 2, 2018

Preparing for the New Year

I love the idea that all the energies shift as we move into a new year, offering us the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. It reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara’s words in Gone With the Wind, “After all, tomorrow is another day!” So, what are you going to do to prepare for the new year? It seems overwhelming to know where to begin. Why not get some help from the Universe?

Astrology and numerology are two great tools you can use to assist you in setting goals for the new year. The planets help us understand our drives and motivations to do certain things. When we move in the same direction as the planetary energy, things go easier. Through studying the planetary transits and how they affect your astrology chart, you will have a good idea of what opportunities lie ahead for you. How cool is that to have some guidance about where we should focus our energies! If you are like me, you tend to want to go out in all directions, so focus is something I need. When I study my planetary transits for the new year, I know exactly where to put my attention.

Numbers can also offer us great guidance. Each January we move into a different Personal Year number, which describes the opportunities and potential challenges we may face in the coming year. The Personal Year number gives us an overall picture of what to expect, while the monthly and daily numbers give us a micro look at the days ahead. I love helping people understand their numerology because it is so simple and fun!

Those of you who are naturally in tune with your intuition have a huge advantage over others who have difficulty connecting to their inner self. When we combine our intuition with the added information from astrology and numerology, we are way ahead of the game. No more guessing is involved as we strategically make moves to bring the success and happiness we deserve.

If you want more ease and joy in your life, join me for my annual Future Predictions Class. I am offering it in 4 different locations in the Kansas City area, and an online class later in February.
May the Stars and Numbers be with you!





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