Finding Your Purpose

Discover Your Life Purpose Course

Whether you want a more satisfying career, better relationships, or peace of mind? Then the Discover Your Life Purpose Self-Study Course is for you:

  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Discover your gifts, talents, and karmic lessons.
  • Improve relationships with others.
  • Gain insight into your inner conflicts.
  • Achieve mental, emotional, and physical harmony.
  • Fall in love with yourself.
  • Become the master of your life.
  • Accelerate your personal growth.

The Discover Your Life Purpose Course covers the six intuitive sciences: numerology, palmistry, family and birth order, iris analysis, astrology, and past lives readings. This is the most comprehensive course that teaches how to find your life purpose. It is a spiritual program that makes a wonderful addition to any personal growth plan.

You do not need any prior knowledge to complete this course successfully.

The 10 lessons are downloadable PDFs. You may work through the lessons at your own pace.

Each lesson contains activities, questions, tasks and exercises, which you may do online or on a printed version. Throughout the course, you may email Kathryn Andries at with your questions and comments.

Discover Your Live Purpose Course

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Discover Your Life Purpose Course Outline

Lessons 2–7 give a brief history and explanation of the six intuitive sciences and guide you through exercises to learn about yourself.

1 — Introduction: Learn the seven principles that unite the six intuitive paths, the components of a life purpose, and how to apply the information from the intuitive paths.

2 — Numerology: Create a personal numerology chart with information about your life path, the type of person you want to become, your personality vibration, soul’s desire, passions, your unique gifts and talents, and your challenges and karmic lessons.

3 — Palmistry: Learn to assess your temperament from your palm type and your life purpose from your fingerprints.

4 — Family and Birth Order: Engage in written activities to learn why you chose your family and the lessons to be learned from each member. Learn the characteristics of your birth order position and how they relate to your family.

5 — Iris Analysis: Learn the eight iris types and their meanings; the four ring types and their meanings; and how to read the patterns in your eyes.

6 — Astrology: Learn to interpret an astrology chart and how the elements of your chart combine to reveal your life purpose.

7 — Past Lives: Engage in exercises to open your subconscious mind. Learn how past incarnations led you to your current lifetime.

8 — Putting the Pieces Together: Learn to synthesize your information and formulate a life purpose.

9 — Career: Learn to choose careers that support your life purpose.

10 — Your Life Purpose in Action: Learn techniques and exercises to overcome challenges and begin living your best life ever!

To receive your Discover Your Life Purpose Course completion certificate, you will complete a final assessment.

Discover Your Live Purpose Course

If you prefer a live teacher, consider the

Online Discover Your Life Purpose Class

Now enjoy the Discover Your Life Purpose Course with a live teacher in the comfort of your own home! This class meets online via skype. There are 7 class sessions which usually meet once a week for 1-2 hours, depending on class size. There will be time for discussion, questions and answers at the end of each class. Class schedule will be determined based on student needs. The same material is covered in the self-study course, but with the added advantage of a teacher. After registering, Kathryn Andries will contact you to set up a mutually convenient time for classes.

The online course follows the same outline and covers the same material as the self-study downloadable course.

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See What Our Happy Students Have to Say

It was amazing to me that the Life Purpose method could show what my life purpose was. The metaphysical world unfolded as my aspects were revealed through areas such as astrology and palmistry. This work taught me to listen to my inner self and remember who I am. — Kathleen B., Schaumburg, Illinois

Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on so many aspects of myself. I feel very centered and optimistic as I leave the workshop. I am very grateful for all the work you put into this. —Jay C., Oak Park, Illinois

This workshop filled me with the direction and clarity I had hoped for. I looked forward to each day of the workshop and became more excited about the information I was getting. Kathryn is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters I have ever experienced. It was a rare and wonderful experience that gave me exactly what I needed to follow through with my goals and purpose with joy. — Sharon K., Skokie, Illinois

Thanks for a terrific learning experience! It will make a positive change in my life. — Peggy H., Lisle, Illinois

Finding Your Purpose

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Zen Mommies Radio Show

Learn Your Life Purpose and Flow with Life

Lynn Andries on the Zen Mommies Radio ShowA summary of Kathryn Andries’s appearance on the Zen Mommies Radio Show . . .

Ever wonder why you get stressed out and frustrated? In most cases it is because you are not following your life purpose. It is the soul’s way of letting you know you are off course. The cure? Follow your life path. How? Develop and offer your talents to the world, and work through your lessons.

You can uncover your talents and lessons with six intuitive sciences: astrology, palmistry, iris analysis, numerology, past lives, and family birth order. Each one of these sciences does a thorough job of describing your talents and lessons. Your life purpose is about mastering your karmic lessons and developing your gifts and talents. You can then be of service to others by sharing your gifts and talents.

When we understand why we were born with a Pisces Sun sign or a Jewel iris, we unlock the key to our life purpose. Doing the life purpose work gives people courage to pursue their dreams. People also become more aware of their lessons, and stop repeating the same unpleasant scenarios. Life becomes more joyful as we live from our highest purpose.

Mothers can overcome stress by incorporating their talents into their lives. When my daughter took her naps, I would use that time to indulge in writing, my favorite creative outlet. Find time each day between your mommy duties to devote to your talents.

Let’s look at how these sciences can help. The Sun sign on an astrology chart reveals your purpose in life. A mother with a Capricorn Sun sign will have the urge to attain a leadership position in the business world. If she stays at home with her children, she may feel a bit stymied. She should remind herself that this is only temporary, and perhaps can find ways to work from home.

Iris analysis reveals four main iris constitutions and four combination types. A mother with a Flower iris type needs to constantly feed her creativity or she will wilt. Flowers need lots of social events and creative outlets to blossom. A Flower child may struggle in school with the more technical subjects, and so the parents can consider placing the child in a school focused on the arts.

Palmistry reveals our personality through the shape of the palm. A fire palm person is impulsive and full of energy. A mother with a fire child will need to realize this child’s need for physical activity. The mother also needs to teach the child patience, and the importance of thinking before taking action.

Birth order is extremely helpful for mothers. The birth order position of each child describes many of his/her personality traits. A firstborn girl is known as the queen, and likes to have many responsibilities. She is the daughter that wants to help Mom clean the house and prepare dinner. Meanwhile, the second-born girl is the mystical, imaginative child that likes to spend time alone. Give this child a set of paints or musical instruments, and she will be happy.

Numerology, an easy science to learn, offers us a wealth of information. If a mother feels frustrated or lost, she needs to calculate her life path number to see what she is here to do. Then she can begin to incorporate activities associated with her life path. If she has a life path one, then she can practice being more authoritative with her children and take a greater role in managing the household.

Lastly, the study of past lives reminds us that although young children seem so new, they are really old souls who lived many lifetimes. They come into this life with a wealth of information that can help them with their current lifetime. Parents are often amazed when their children share wisdom with them that no one taught them. This is a reminder that they are old souls and need to be treated with respect so that they may flourish.

Listen in to the program here:

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Your Life Mission

Do you clearly envision your life mission? If not, you may be unaware of your talents. To understand our blind spots, we can look to several of the intuitive paths described in Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose.


Astrology, palmistry, iridology, birth order, and numerology contain opposite influences. When you’re unaware of your talents and challenges, study your opposite influence to understand how to achieve balance and success.


Look for potential blind spots in your astrological chart. Neptune, the planet of illusion, often clouds your vision. Neptune urges you to transcend the physical and search for greater meaning in the spiritual world. This often translates into avoiding problems. Use Neptune to gain a spiritual perspective rather than an escape route. Meditate to apply this information.

Check the 12th house, which contains things you may be unaware of and avoided dealing with in past lives. Planets in this house may be a source of unconscious habits and self-sabotaging techniques. Seek counseling to deal with these issues.

Jupiter can show you where you tend to overextend yourself and get into trouble. Understanding Jupiter’s influence may bring you opportunities, great gifts and abundance—much more preferable than debt and weight gain!


4 astrological elementsThe four hand types—fire, earth, air, and water. Each possess strengths and weaknesses.

Fire: Those with fire hands are often unaware of how their ego gets in the way of success. Put your ego in perspective to gain clarity of purpose.

Earth: Overly focusing on practicality and mundane issues may divert you from your mission. Broaden your vision to gain clarity. Understand that you are a spiritual being undergoing a physical experience.

Air: Those with air hands get caught up in the mind and tune out their inner voice. Constant mental chatter clouds your life purpose. Calm your mind and listen to your inner voice through practices such as yoga and meditation.

Water: Absorbed in other people’s problems, you lose clarity on your identity and mission. To control your emotions and regain clarity, ground yourself with exercise and meditation. And spend time alone.

Past Lives

Does unresolved past life karma cloud your life mission? Use a past life reading or past life regression to reveal patterns or unresolved events. Understanding the root of a problem allows you to resolve it.

To obtain a past life reading, see our Intuitive Readings page.

Finding Your Purpose

Listen to Your Inner Voice

logo188.jpgStarting at birth, we begin to absorb the thoughts and feelings of the people around us. Experts believe that, by the age of seven, most of us have formed a complete set of beliefs about the world. How many of those beliefs limit our ability to follow our life purpose?

The conscious mind loves to chatter and often overwhelms our inner voice. How can we learn to be still and listen to the important messages our inner voice offers? Think about these questions to help you reveal your inner voice.

What beliefs did you learn as a child?

List the beliefs you remember hearing while growing up. Decide whether these beliefs are helping you along or hindering your path. If they hinder you, you can do some work, such as using positive affirmations, to clear those beliefs.

What and whom do you admire?

The people you admire and the jobs you would like to have are great indicators of what you really want. Make a list of the people you admire as well as their good qualities. List the jobs you like and what you like about them. These are clues as to the qualities you want and need to develop within yourself.

How’s your health?

Your body reflects your thoughts. When we live in alignment with our inner desires, we tend to experience good overall health. When there is a conflict between our desires and what we are doing, health imbalances may result. If your health is less than you desire, examine your thoughts. Are they what you want? Do you respond to your inner desires? If not, make changes to experience permanent relief from physical symptoms.

How’s your self-esteem?

If you don’t value yourself, you may ignore your desires for reasons you invent. Learn to love yourself enough to take the steps to do what you love. For example, do something you enjoy. Express gratitude or pamper yourself with a massage.

How responsible are you?

Many of us are great at responding to the needs of others and our outer selves. What about the more subtle needs of the inner self? Do you ignore them? The soul needs to fulfill its purpose. Learn to listen and respond to your inner needs.

Does money control you?

How can we learn to change our attitude about money? People often say that if they did what they love they wouldn’t make enough money. Do you make choices based on money or based on what you want to do with your life? When you pursue your life purpose, money always follows.

Do others know what’s best for you?

What do your friends, family, and the job market tell you do to? When you follow their advice, do you give up the power to make your own decisions? Apply the six intuitive sciences of the Life Purpose Method to get in touch with what you are meant to do.

What did you enjoy as a child?

As children, we are often more in tune with our mission. Think about the games you played and the activities you enjoyed to see what your soul came here to do. Have you ever worked at an unsatisfying job too long? As adults, we may choose to do things we don’t want to do.

How well do you understand your influences?

You are influenced by many factors, including the planets, your name, your birth date, and the patterns in your hands and eyes. If you are unclear about these influences, you may feel confused about many aspects of your life.

Are you passionate about life?

If you aren’t excited about each day, you are not aligned with your life purpose. When we do what we love, each day is a new opportunity to show off our gifts and talents. Happiness results when we follow our life purpose.

Finding Your Purpose

Frequently Asked Questions

There Are No Dumb Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsAsking the proper question is the central action of transformation—in fairy tales, in analysis, and in individuation. The key question causes germination of consciousness. The properly shaped question always emanates from an essential curiosity about what stands behind. Questions are the keys that cause the secret doors of the psyche to swing open. — Clarissa Pinkola Estés, author, Women Who Run with the Wolves

Can I simply meditate to get information about my life purpose?

Yes, you can! However, you would have to maintain a deep meditative state for hours to receive the quantity and depth of information you will receive from Life Purpose work.

How do you differ from other coaching schools?

We train people to be Life Purpose Consultants, not life coaches. We offer life purpose information through six intuitive sciences: astrology, numerology, palmistry, iris analysis, past lives, and family birth order. Each of these six disciplines are elements of metaphysical science.

I like my career. Do I still need Life Purpose counseling?

Life Purpose Consultants offer guidance regarding your career but also in many other areas: relationships, money, health, creativity, sexuality, subconscious beliefs, and more.

Can I get this information from a psychic?

Our approach does not focus on the future. We teach people to discover their potential and give them the tools to fulfill their life mission.

What can I do as a Life Purpose Consultant?

The possibilities are endless! Life Purpose Consultants can teach classes, write, counsel individuals, give lectures, and gain exposure through radio, TV and other media.

Why should I study here?

You can explore the six intuitive sciences individually, each from a different source. We are the only learning center among metaphysical schools that teaches the Life Purpose Method, incorporating all six sciences with a common focus: how to find your life purpose.

In this challenging economy, how easily can I find a job as a Life Purpose Consultant?
This work is designed for those who want to move away from the corporate world, be their own boss, create their own schedule and carve a unique niche. Demand for this kind of work is usually high during a changing economy.

Finding Your Purpose, Kathryn Andries

Speaking Topics for Kathryn Andries

Kathryn Andries interviewsWow your crowd with thought-provoking topics and a charismatic speaker.

How to Get Along with Anybody — Learn the source of your conflicts and a powerful method to overcome them and turn your enemies into friends.

Who Were Those People in My Dreams? — Uncover the hidden meaning of your dreams in this informative and entertaining presentation. Bring all your crazy dream scenarios to light and get your dream personally interpreted by master dream interpreter Kathryn Andries.

Dream Big — If you have goals and desires that you want to attain, this lecture is for you. Get pumped on with inspirational stories and powerful techniques to bring your dreams to life. Whether you want better grades, a masters degree, or a higher-paying job, this lecture will show you the way.

Introducing the Real You! — See yourself in a new light in this eye-opening presentation by looking at your name, birth date, friends, patterns in your eyes and hands, and your dreams. When you know yourself, you have greater chance of attaining success in all aspects of your life.

Finding Your Career Niche — Do you desire a job that allows you to use your gifts and talents? Do you believe a career should build upon your character strengths? This presentation will teach you the importance of knowing yourself and your strengths and weaknesses.

You will learn how to uncover hidden talents,communication and learning style, career potential, creative abilities, and more! You will go through a process to connect your character strengths with the right job. You will also gain tools and insights to help you expand the possibilities in your career.Lastly you will learn visualization techniques to manifest your career desires.

To book Kathryn Andries for a speaking engagement, please email her at

Dreams, Finding Your Purpose

The Dreamer’s Club

Continue or begin your Dream Studies with this unique interactive opportunity — The Dreamer’s Club!

For a low monthly membership you will receive:

1. Up to eight dreams interpreted just for you EVERY month — You submit the dream to us via e-mail and we will identify the symbols and their meanings, and then write the dream message.

2. A personal Skype or phone session with a teacher every month. — This is an incredible opportunity to discuss how your dreams relate to your life by looking for patterns and themes with an experienced dream weaver.

3. A 50% discount on the Dream Symbols Revealed ebook — You will receive a discount code to enter when buying the dream book when you purchase your club membership.

Whether you are just beginning to explore your dreams or have been working with your dreams for awhile, we have created this opportunity for you to excel in your dream interpretation skills.

And that’s not all! You’ll also receive:

Suggestions, exercises or other steps that will help you to answer the message in EACH dream.

A structure to keep you focused on your dreams. Continuity is key to becoming an expert dream interpreter.

Most people pay $100 OR MORE for a session with a psychologist and never get to the root of their issues like your dreams will.

Dreams offer you invaluable insights about your life purpose, state of mind, and your health. Dreams are a direct link to your subconscious mind, which is a critical key to your spiritual growth.

At the individual dream interpretation rate of $15 per dream, you would be paying $120 dollars a month for 8 dreams to be interpreted!

So I have created an opportunity for you to save $35 a month to work with an expert in the Art of Dream Interpretation.

You pay only $85 a month to receive 8 interpretations, a monthly private session with me, and a half-price dream symbol guide. What an incredible way to keep you focused on your dreams, and have a structure and teacher to guide you along the way.

Sign up for only $85 per month. Pick your subscription length.

The Dreamer's Club

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Once you have selected your subscription term and made your payment via Paypal, please submit your dreams via email to:, and we will send you the interpretation within one week. Write “Dreamer’s Club” in the subject line of your e-mail.

Finding Your Purpose, Palmistry


Palmists focus on several elements when reading hands. Shape, color, texture and lines of reveal strengths, weaknesses and karmic lessons. Like astrology and numerology, the lines on your hand show predominant personality traits as well as your potential.

Let’s Hold Hands

palm readingTo see overall personality, a palmistry reading should include an examination of:

Palm shape: disposition, mannerisms, temperament—our basic nature

Finger shape and length: how we take action

Fingerprints: past life challenges and life purpose

Mounts (fleshy pads at the base of each finger). Each mount relates to the activities associated with a planet.

Life line: how we want to live life; our sexuality, sensuality and relationships

Heart line: how we express emotions

Head line: mental faculties

Saturn line: security and foundations

Mercury line: communication and our feelings of independence

To see more specific characteristics, palmists examine:

Skin color: health aspects of circulation and diet; general level of enthusiasm

Muscle tone: energy level

Skin texture: taste and style

Flexibility: mental flexibility

Palm Reading

Palmistry readings are available only in person, so drop us a line at and we’ll let you know when there will be a class in your area.

Give Yourself a Hand

Palmistry is divided into two areas: chiromancy and cheirology.

Chiromancy is the study of the lines on the palm.

Cheirology is the study of hand structure.

If your palm is square, you’re a practical person who needs stability. You’re talented at working with your hands and are very determined.

If your palm is rectangular, you’re sensitive and intuitive. You respond to life from an emotional perspective.