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a systematic method to uncover your unique talents and most difficult challenges. This breakthrough method combines 6 intuitive paths to help you get to the core of your life mission.


We help mission driven women to gain greater clarity about their life purpose so they can impact the world with their message.

 There are 4 steps to Mastering your Life Purpose

Step 1: Self-Awareness Mastery

This level helps you understand all aspects of yourself, including your communication style, nurturing styles, intimate needs, learning style, relationship patterns, approach and response to life, karmic lessons, and much more! This step offers the Discover Your Life Purpose Masterclass, the Soul Choices book and workbook, and readings of your choice. I recommend starting here to build a strong foundation of self-awareness. LEARN MORE

Step 2: Mind Mastery

99% of our life is happening at the subconscious level. Therefore, it is imperative that we understand how the subconscious works, and its relationship to the conscious mind. We can harness the power of our subconscious to manifest those things in alignment with our purpose. This vast part of our mind holds the answers to where we have come from and the unique set of experiences we have gained. This step offers classes, the book Owners Manual for the Mind, exercises and activities. LEARN MORE

Step 3: Relationship Mastery

People can be the greatest triggers for the lessons we need to learn. They also open up avenue for us to be able to share our talents and passions. When we don’t master our relationships, they become a distraction, and when we master them they can propel us along and help us fulfill our life purpose. This step offers the Relationship Masterclass, the book Soul Choices: 6 Paths to Fulfilling Relationships, and readings of your choice. LEARN MORE

Step 4: Time Cycles Mastery

We are each a seed that contains the blueprint for the unfoldment of our lives. We are all going to blossom into something different, at different times. We need to get in sync with our cycles in order to successfully allow our life to unfold. This step offers the Time Cycles Masterclass, and readings of your choice. .  LEARN MORE

BENEFITS                                                                   RESULTS

Increased self-esteem                                                     Align your purpose to a career

Greater Relationship Satisfaction                                Knowledge of  love and communication styles

Decreased anxiety & more peace                                 Clarity around relationship issues

 The joy of expression your Voice                                 Understanding of your unique talents

What makes your Discover Your Life Purpose approach unique?

* Lots of people focus only on talents and finding passion. I do include that, but I go a step farther. I also include lessons. If we don’t understand and master our lessons, they can block our talents, ruin our relationships, and prevent us from feeling happy.

* Some folks use no tools, or only a few. I incorporate many tools and modalities, such as astrology, numerology, and family birth order. My clients benefit from private coaching session, classes and readings. I also incorporate several transformational exercises and activities.

* Clients are coached to write life purpose statements that serve as a guide along their path.

* My method can be used in a variety of ways; to help find a career, resolve relationship issues, or attain greater self-awareness

Not sure how the Life Purpose system can help you?

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I have worked with Kathryn for more than 5 years. I attended a weekend workshop on finding our Life’s Purpose which was fascinating and helped me find some answers in my life’s journey. I highly recommend attending a workshop. Kathryn has also done many annual astrology readings for me at the beginning of each year which gives me a map and some highlights that I use to navigate my work and personal life. I highly recommend tapping into the talents of Kathryn to assist you in navigating your work and personal life, your goals and aspirations. You will be happy that you did.
— Cynthia K.

It was amazing to me that the Life Purpose method could show what my life purpose was. The metaphysical world unfolded as my aspects were revealed through areas such as astrology and palmistry. This work taught me to listen to my inner self and remember who I am.

— Kathleen B., Schaumburg, Illinois

I’ve found that in my life, I all-too-often allow my limited “human” mind to make all career decisions. What Kathryn offers in the career aptitude profile is a wider, and often WISER, perspective; one that taps into astrology and numerology. This expanded view has led me to open new possibilities in my career that are far more in alignment with my purpose. Kathryn’s warm heart, intuition and careful listening add deep value to the sessions. I consider Kathryn an integral advisor for my business.

~ M. Abbott, Chicago, IL

I am a better human because I had the good fortune to find a resource such as Kathryn. She is a wise, kind and talented teacher and an exceptionally insightful coach. Over the past 15 years I have connected with her when I needed extra assistance in getting clarity around important life topics and events. Early on I took her classes and read her books, all of which have been not only helpful but life changing.

She also helped me understand that now is the time for me to “think big” as it relates to my mission and life purpose. That prompted me to create my epitaph and really focus on the impact my life will have had on others and the world after I’ve departed and what I truly what to create and attract in my life now. It led to some further tweaking of my nonprofit’s purpose, and a clearer vision for how I can be of best service to others. Kathryn’s interpretation of my solar return was an excellent catalyst in providing me the direction I needed…and when I needed it most. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance in their personal or professional life. Invest in yourself and make an appointment for one of Kathryn’s readings. She is the real deal!

~Cheryl, Des Moines, Iowa