Life Purpose Programs for Mission Driven Women

Are you a spiritually inspired woman who wants to fulfill your mission?

If you want to understand yourself better and gain clarity of purpose, then we need to talk!

Welcome to a new method to discover your life purpose

I’m Kathryn Andries, and I struggled to understand myself and my purpose, so I devoted 10 years of my life to researching different techniques to gain clarity. This led me to create a system that works for anyone who experiences…

Career Dissatisfaction

Relationship Struggles

A wandering mind that can’t decide 

A lack of clarity about your purpose in life


Nothing is Worse than Going Through Life Without Understanding Yourself and Your Purpose

Self-Awareness is the key to everything in life. Do you wish you were born with a guidebook explaining your purpose? The truth is, you were! My methods uses 6 paths to explain this guidebook. When we know ourselves, our life mission becomes clear, and relationships choices  are easier. 

Mastering your purpose begins with self-awareness. Choices become easy when we align with our true self.


It’s much more than talk therapy. I incorporate many tools and modalities, such as astrology, numerology, intuitive readings and dreams. I also incorporate several transformational exercises and activities. No more wondering what career to follow, whether or not to stay in a relationship . Gain clarity about your strengths, weaknesses, and unique talents.  My method can be used in a variety of ways; to help find a career, resolve relationship issues, or attain greater self-awareness
Kathryn Andries

You have an important mission to fulfill, and the world needs your unique approach. Begin by grabbing the Life Purpose Guidebook.